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The space extends from the rain-forested headwaters of the McIlwraith Range to the tidal-fringe of the northern Great Barrier Reef and contains coastal foothills and sandplains. The lowlands, intersected by estuaries, rivers, lakes and freshwater swamps, host quite a few rare and restricted species and communities. The area is certainly one of only two Australian locations supporting high numbers of both endemic Gondwanan and Australo-Papuan wildlife.

Adult salmon can migrate several times to spawn—a reproductive strategy often known as iteroparity—though repeat spawners have gotten increasingly rare. Worldwide, Atlantic salmon populations in single rivers vary from hundreds to nearly a quarter million. However, some populations are small, numbering in the low lots of and even single individuals. On this web site, yow will discover the lists of species included in CITES Appendices I, II and III, as well as pictures of most of the listed species.

Endangered Species Act

protected species

Situated in the Great Sandy Desert within the southern Kimberley, the world includes in depth spinifex-lined sandplains and dune fields, sandstone and siltstone ranges and isolated rocky outcrops. Water sources include numerous small recent-water springs and soakages, isolated rockholes, and the semi-permanent Lady Elizabeth Lagoon within the north. The space includes parts of the National Heritage Listed Fitzroy River together with environmentally significant tributaries, floodplains and wetlands. In the south the realm extends over pindan nation and in depth dune fields into the Great Sandy Desert.

The abbreviation “spp.” is used to indicate species; “sspp.” for subspecies; “var.” for varieties; “popns” for populations. A record of habitats and species which have precedence status is out there via The National Archives. Steelhead and rainbow trout are the identical species, however rainbow are freshwater only, and steelhead are anadromous, or go to sea. Unlike most salmon, steelhead can survive spawning, and might spawn in multiple years. If you see this species, please share your remark using the WDFW wildlife reporting software or e-mail us at Be positive to include a photo of the species for verification and location (latitude/longitude coordinates) of your observation.