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When the temperatures attain into these triple digits, the zoo does have inside entry areas the animals can transfer into which are air conditioned to maintain them cool and wholesome. One of the largest ways Cameron Park retains it’s animals cool is by constructing microclimates in every of the habitats to offer the animals an possibility to chill off.

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exotic animals

They are the one primates tailored to extraordinarily chilly temperatures and their survival is as a result of woolly mantle that they possess that isolates them from the chilly. Accustomed to human presence, during the inhospitable winter, they spend long hours enjoying thermal baths, the place they share with individuals of a higher social class. The tapir is a big herbivorous mammal inhabiting wooded areas of South America, Central America and Southeast Asia.

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Whether it’s a sunshade or a pool, every habitat has one. Each of these animals have their very own reaction to Texas temperatures – as some weren’t meant to beat the warmth. But Cameron Park does as a lot as they can to keep their pals cool. This expertise is similar to the Ultimate experience, except it is 2 half of hours and private on your get together. This means you’ll get much more time with each animal.

It has one of the oldest households spanning about 55 million years. They have a really versatile trunk and are docile and calm animals. They are in danger of extinction, especially in Mexico, because of indiscriminate hunting, their low reproductive potential and the destruction of their habitat. So the following time you’re on the Cameron Park Zoo on a hot day, make sure to check to see if the animals are in the microclimates in their habitats.