Eleven Critically Endangered Turtle Species

critically endangered

Hazel’s Forest Frog (platymantis Hazelae)

The major menace to this unique is the massive loss of its natural habitat. Its standing was modified from susceptible to endangered in the year 2008. Pollution, together with the increasing poor quality of the lake water, can be a contributing factor to the snake’s population decline. Since this water snake can even thrive past its instant lake habitat and surrounding areas, it’s attainable that it could be rising increasing its territory into other close by forest areas.

The Iucn Red List Categories

critically endangered

More studies and surveys are wanted to establish its distribution and abundance. The whole nest counts of this turtle species are nonetheless showing a significant decrease, amounting to about 47 % of the mixed whole numbers in comparison with earlier estimates.

This turtle species was categorized as an endangered species back in 1996. This distinctive reptile is endemic to the different islands of the Sulu Archipelago. They can be present in Tawi-tawi, Papahag, Bubuan, Butinian, and Jolo islands.

This is a frog species that’s endemic to the island of Mindoro. It inhabits the lowland forests on the islands tropic and subtropic areas. This species may also be noticed in tropical as well as subtropical shrub lands. The Apo swallowtail is a butterfly species that’s endemic to the country. It has been on the IUCN pink listing since 1985 as a species that’s weak to extinction.