How to Train a Cat to Be Submissive

Cats are one of the tame pets and are generally easy to train. This adorable animal has become a friend of humans from various circles, from ordinary people to kings since 9,000 years ago.

How to train a cat can be fairly easy and difficult. It takes patience so that your beloved cat becomes tame and obedient. We can teach cats a variety of things, starting to get used to pooping in their place, understanding human language or signs, being able to shake hands, etc. In principle, we can train our cats to be smart and obedient. Here are a series of ways to teach cats that you can do yourself anywhere.

Actually, in training a cat there are many techniques that you should know, and every movement (shake hands, human gestures, etc.) has a different technique. The following Animal Angle explains.

1. Pay attention to the condition of the cat before training

Before training a cat to obey our will, then we should pay attention to how the condition of the cat. If a cat shows sensitive symptoms due to mating or is in a state of anger because of a fight with another cat, then the intention to train it should be undone beforehand.

Cats who are not calm will be very difficult for us to direct to follow the instructions we want. This is a way to train a cat to obey the right and proper.

2. Make Cats Comfortable Before Training

Besides not being in a sensitive condition, the cat we want to train must also be in a comfortable or happy condition. We can do things like petting his body and tickling his head. Guaranteed the cat will be calmer and willing to respond to the stimulus that we will give later.

3. Preparing the Litter Box

This device is related to when we want to train the cat to poop where we want it. This training is the earliest and much needed for those of us who keep cats in the house. Because if the cat litters, then we too will be complicated and various diseases can arise because of it.

4. Preparing Food as a Reward

Cats like other animals are very instinctive. He will repeat the pleasant things and stay away from the unpleasant or harmful. Giving a reward after the cat has succeeded in carrying out the instructions we want, such as calling his name to come, will make the cat remember that carrying out the instructions is fun.

So he will repeat it if he gets the same stimulus. The reward prepared is a food or snack that is liked by a favorite cat.

5. Preparing Play Tools

Playing can also be part of how to train a cat to be smart. Play is a good stimulant so that the cat is happy and in playing we can teach many things to the cat. Playing together can strengthen the relationship between the owner and the pet cat so that later it will be easier to train the cat.

6. Anticipating Habits To Be Changed

For example, when we want to change the cat’s habit of littering into littering in a special container and it turns out that sometimes cats poop on the carpet. So, we need to act immediately by cleaning the dirt until it smells clean. If it still smells, then the cat will know the place is a place to litter so that old cat habits can reappear.

7. Use Fixed or Consistent Gestures

Cats have memories like humans, if we give instructions or cues, commands should remain consistent, don’t change. Changes in command cues can cause a cat to experience confusion, so the way to train a cat to shake hands is to give a signal to extend a hand towards the cat accompanied by a reward when the cat also extends its front paws.

Do it consistently, then the cat will understand that every time we reach out, he will stretch out his front paws.

8. Designing Your Home To Be A Safe Place For Cats

Cats also need comfort to make it easier for us to train later. If you decide to keep a cat in the house, then rearranging the furniture is important. Glassware whose shards could injure the cat should be placed out of reach of the cat.

We all know that this cute animal has an agile character, so it can climb into places where there are items that are dangerous for him.

9. Designing a House to Be a Cat Playground

In addition to designing a safe house, we also need to design a house with the aim of being a place to play for cats. The existence of aisles, arrangement of blocks, and bright color choices can make cats feel at home playing in our homes. Cats who are in a happy state will be very easy to train to do what we want.

10. Increase the intensity of playing together

Don’t let the cat always play alone, you need to be involved in it. The high intensity of playing with you and the cat will make your relationship even closer. And this is the most powerful way to train a cat to understand human language.

The cat will recognize you as a friendly person to him, so that what you ask the cat can immediately respond to well. Use cues with rewards to replace commands in human language.

For example, we can use the gesture of extending our hand accompanied by the reward of giving food to replace the word shake. Gradually the cat will understand human language because it has been symbolized earlier.

11. Increase the intensity of the walk together

In addition to playing together, traveling together can also increase your closeness with your beloved cat. This animal because it is so agile, really likes to be invited for a walk around the house or in a public park area.

12. Feed and Drink Cats Consistently

Cats can also be loyal like dogs. Feeding and drinking regularly will make the cat see us as a good person. When hungry, cats will come closer to us and appear more obedient.

13. Treating a sick cat as soon as possible

Our concern for a cat who is sick can have an effect on what the cat thinks of us. Cats also feel the kindness that we give, so after recovering the cat will tend to approach and spoil us.

14. Shows Desirable Behavior in Front of Cats

In forming animal habits, we need to model how these habits are. This is because it is impossible for us to give the cat an understanding of how important this habit is. So that it is easier to show him directly how he should behave.

15. Repeating the Behavior You Want To Train Your Cat

Repetition or repetition is necessary so that these exercises can become a habit for the cat.

You can also follow the method in the following video so that your cat is quickly tame and trained.