Keep Your Pet Dog Healthy with 7 Best Dog Foods

Best Dog Food – House pets like dogs can be considered like family. Therefore, of course they deserve attention and the quality of food is not inferior to the food we consume ourselves.

Nutrients and vitamins are very important for dogs to keep them healthy and also live a long life. Therefore, to ensure the nutritional needs of your pet dog are well maintained, choose food that is produced by a trusted brand. Here is a list of the best dog food brands that you can rely on.

Pedigree Dog Food

The first best dog food is made by Pedigree. This dog food contains essential ingredients for your pet’s health, because it contains vegetable oil which is a source of linoleic acid which will be useful for nourishing the skin and giving a beautiful shine to your dog’s fur. In addition, there are also beets which are a useful source of fiber to help your pet’s digestion.

Science Diet Dog Food

Your dog deserves delicious and nutritious food. That’s why Science Diet makes dog food using the highest quality ingredients, including chicken, lamb, and salmon. Not only are each ingredient checked to ensure quality, Science Diet pet food also analyzes the ingredient profile of each product for its essential nutrients and ensures your pet gets the right formulation for their needs.

Royal Canin Dog Food

Formulating the world’s best premium pet food is no easy task. Each dog food formula made by Royal Canin consists of more than 50 nutrients that must be included in your dog’s diet for the right balance to supply the most effective nutrients for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds with special needs.

Pro Plan Dog Food

The best dog food made by Pro Plan is made with the belief that the best life for your pet is made possible through the power of nutrition it provides. Pro Plan strives to help your dog become more energetic and resilient, while maintaining ideal body condition, healthy skin and a stunning coat at every stage of life. This pet food helps your pet dog get the right intake even though it has more varied needs.

Alpo Dog Food

Alpo dog food is suitable for your dog’s diet because it has a strong meat taste and aroma that dogs love. Alpo’s food consists of high-quality protein sources and is also formulated with 23 types of essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for keeping your dog healthy, happy and long-lived.

Jerhigh dog food is made from real chicken meat with the same quality standards as human food and has a delicious taste according to the tastes of your pet dog. This brand of dog food also has nutrients that are important for your dog to live longer and also in ideal health.

Equilibrio Dog Food

Equilibrio dog food helps your dog in the fat burning process and supports your dog’s longer and healthier life. This is possible thanks to the support of the natural antioxidants contained in this food. In addition, Equilibrio dog food also contributes to your pet’s joint health with the chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine sulphate stored in it.