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It is estimated that each hour 240 acres of natural habitat disappear. Perhaps the best risk that faces many species is the widespread destruction of habitat. Scientists say that the easiest way to guard endangered species is to guard the special places the place they stay. Parks, wildlife refuges, and more open house must be protected near your neighborhood. The hyacinth macaws are present in southern Brazil, jap Bolivia and north jap Paraguay. It is believed that there have been greater than a hundred,000 hyacinth macaws earlier than the arrival of Amerindians in South America.

animals species

The Large List Of Endangered Animals

It is estimated that approximately half the variety of the world’s animals live within the rainforests. Due to the speedy disappearance of rainforests many animals living in them are actually endangered. Every plant and animal wants an ideal setting the place they can survive. No life can exist without proper and enough source of food, water, and shelter. There should be a balance between the prey and the predator, with out which the inhabitants may both vanish or explode.

Ibis (australian White)

There are approximately 800 of these monkeys left in the wild. The purpose for their extinction is their beautiful colored fur, which the poachers sell for an quantity near $20,000. Destruction of our surroundings is the most important contribution that we make to the extinction of many species in the forest.

Endangered Species Info

But in 1990, the wild population was estimated to be 2,500 birds. The hyacinth macaw eats seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetable matter and likewise eight species of palm. Its giant beak permits it to eat inaccessible nuts and seeds.