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Protected Species

Grizzly Bears & The Endangered Species Act

protected species

Endangered Species Aren’t Being Protected The Best Way They Need To In Maine

The lack of a formal requirement to list federally listed species on the state stage has resulted in an arbitrary utility of the legislation, leaving seven out of eleven federally listed species found in Maine unlisted on the state stage. Since the elimination of the obligatory itemizing clause, requests to listing species beneath Maine Endangered Species Act and Maine Marine Endangered Species Act are now on the discretion of the DIF&W and DMR commissioners. Once recommended, the Maine Legislature has the only real authority to act, inserting control of the state endangered species list in the arms of politicians not scientists.

protected species

Itemizing Status

Efforts to scale back conflicts with people and preserve habitat for dispersal and, ultimately, connectivity with different populations outdoors of the GYE will be essential for additional restoration. To be truthful, while the legislature … Read More