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Critically Endangered

Threatened Species Beneath The Epbc Act

critically endangered

The angonoka tortoise , also referred to as the ploughshare tortoise, is found only within the Baly Bay region of northwestern Madagascar. Currently listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN, the angonoka tortoise is considered to be essentially the most threatened tortoise on earth by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The present wild inhabitants is estimated to include round 200 adults, however it could be as little as one hundred adults if not decrease. The decision to treat African forest and savanna elephants as separate species is the result of the consensus that has emerged amongst specialists following new research into the genetics of elephant populations. Forest elephants occur in the tropical forests of Central Africa and in a spread of habitats in West Africa. They rarely overlap with the range of the savanna elephant, which prefers open country and is present in a wide range of habitats in Sub-Saharan … Read More