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Managing Invasive Species

There’s plenty of freshwater and sea turtles that can be seen all around Australia. Heading to The Great Barrier Reef provides you the most effective probability to swim with wild turtles such because the loggerhead, hawksbill and the rarer inexperienced turtle. For an incredible expertise head to Bundaberg throughout turtle hatching season to look at the infant turtles head to the sea for the first time after hatching. This carnivorous marsupial is endangered and its population continues to be lowering. Sadly they’re struggling with a facial cancer that is contagious. Sugar gliders are small marsupials which are pretty common in north and jap coastal areas.

You’re extra prone to see them in Shark Bay in WA or in Queensland. Dugongs are also called sea cows or the “Lady of The Sea” and are considered the inspiration behind tales of mermaids.

Indian Chameleon

animals species


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