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Critically Endangered

6 Critically Endangered Animals Under Menace Of Extinction As A Result Of Human Exercise

Indonesia’s Rainforests: Biodiversity And Endangered Species

critically endangered

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Today, the South China tiger is considered by scientists to be “functionally extinct” because it has not been sighted within the wild for greater than 25 years. subspecies, also referred to as the Cat Ba Langur or golden-headed langur, is among the rarest monkeys in Asia with a inhabitants of fewer than 70 individuals. The species prefers dwelling in moist tropical forests the place the topography is made of rugged limestone. Their food plan consists of leaves, shoots, fruits, barks, and flowers. It is a primate species that belongs to the Cercopithecidae household. They are native to the island of Borneo, where they are often found in the Malaysian states of Sabah, Brunei, and Sarawak. Sarawak surili monkeys stay in swamps, mangroves, and lowland forests.

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