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It was named for British naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. These Indian lizards are one of the largest species of gecko, and are identified by their shiny blue-grey our bodies lined with red and yellow spots. Their tongues resemble those of snakes, with a fork in the center that helps them discover food. Their prey ranges from small mammals and birds to different reptiles. Spending most of their days looking for meals, Bengal Monitor Lizards are found in various habitats all through India.

Least Concern Animals

animals species

Their lack of howling is usually attributed to the wolves being less territorial than most wolf species, and their brief fur is useful within the Indian wolf’s warm environment. These Indian Wild Dogs are known for his or her pace on each land and water, which aids of their searching of bigger prey similar to deer and buffalo. They use echolocation for searching, and they are carnivores who feed on fish as well as aquatic plants when needed.

These dolphins solely stay in freshwater environments, and due to poor eyesight they swim on their sides and have stronger hearing skills. Himalayan Musk Deer feed totally on grass, moss, and different plants, and do not usually enterprise out very far to forage.

Particular Species Initiatives

There are eight species of Saw-scaled Vipers, and a few of these are the cause for the most deaths by snake bites globally. With a particular design on its hood resembling a mouse or glasses, Indian Cobras are giant Indian snakes which are found in most habitats aside from deserts. Regardless of their specific species, King Cobras are recognized for being the longest venomous snakes in the world.

These snakes are also endangered because they are dug out of the bottom, the place they tend to reside, by farmers. Found all through India, the Red Sand Boa is easy to identify by its dark pink color. These nocturnal snakes stay in agricultural or desert areas, where they feed on rodents and different snakes through the use of constriction. These snakes are often found in open areas feeding on small mammals, birds, and reptiles, but are typically seen in human-populated areas when looking for food. They often prey on small mammals, reptiles, and birds, constricting them and swallowing them complete.